Spring Through a Macro Lens

It’s April and spring has well and truly arrived, with the browns and fawns of winter finally disappearing, slowing transforming into the lush, rich greens of spring. So what better reason to dig out my macro lens and start snapping. Macro photography is something that has fascinated me for a long time but I only started shooting in macro relatively recently, around two years ago.

ladybird TT 2
A lady bird making its way in Thinktank’s Science Garden, Birmingham. ©Anne-Marie Hayes 2015

I especially love the freedom a macro lens gives the photographer, enabling you to get a sneak peek into an intricate world, and up-close and personal with nature itself. There’s so much that we can’t see with the naked eye, but a macro lens instantly changes all of that, taking you on a journey into a ‘hidden’ world in a matter of seconds. As soon as I look through the lens, I’m propelled into a new world filled with intricate textures and vibrant colours, and that ‘hidden’ world instantly becomes larger than life.

Ladybird and tulip 2
Up-close and personal with a lady bird and a tulip ©Anne-Marie Hayes 2015

The texture and detail a macro lens captures is just stunning, framing the delicate structures of nature that we don’t usually see, and I feel as though I’m being allowed behind-the-scenes access when I look through this lens, obtaining a unique glimpse of nature.  My favourite things to photograph range from flowers, lady birds and bees, but kindly asking a bumble bee to stay still is not an easy feat, so you’ll definitely need some patience if you want to shoot in macro. And don’t even try to shoot on a windy day because that is near to impossible- still I love a challenge.

Capturing the delicacy of a tulip. ©Anne-Marie Hayes 2015

Photography has literally changed the way I view everything, constantly looking for my next photo, and with the beauty of spring finally taking hold, I can’t wait for the sudden bursts of colour in the summer as our gardens transform into lush and leafy spaces yet again. So, when you walk around your garden this spring, think of that hidden world that really isn’t that invisible after all.

Just hanging around
Just hanging around ©Anne-Marie Hayes 2015

Look out for my blog post next month as I capture the South of France through a macro lens, or follow me on Twitter @AnneMHayes.

Thanks for reading.

Anne-Marie Hayes

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