The Beauty of Rain Through a Macro lens

Okay, okay, I know we moan about the rain and constantly talk about the weather in Britain, longing for hot summer days to arrive so we can bask in the glorious sunshine, but have you ever stopped for a minute to notice the beauty and intricacy of rain? The structure and fragility of a rain droplet is simply beautiful, especially as it balances precariously on a tulip petal, displaying all of its cylindrical beauty. Capturing its bubble-like quality is something I absolutely love, and as it rained briefly overnight this weekend, I grabbed my camera and out into the garden I went to take a photo or two.

april am 11

Rain has an ethereal quality that sometimes we fail to notice, as we’re more content with keeping our hair dry and sheltering from the impending downpours that are so commonplace in this country. And let’s be honest, do we really care how pretty rain water is if we want to keep our feet dry? Perhaps not.

april am 9

The beauty of shooting in macro is that a droplet of rain is swiftly transformed from an invisible and microscopic structure into this larger-than-life, visible entity that has a fairy-like quality from another world. As I said in my previous blog, macro photography delicately frames the structures of nature that we don’t usually see giving us a rare glimpse into a hidden world- a world we really shouldn’t have access to.

april am 12

My sister and I adored Art at school, studying it until A Level, and we actually owe a lot to our art teachers, because at age 14, we were introduced to artist, Georgia O’Keefe, best known for her paintings of flowers and skyscrapers (another one of my loves). Today, as I look through the camera lens, I am still inspired by O’Keefe and attempt to somehow create my own O’Keefe-like images that will continue to inspire me for years to come.

april am 14

Next time you’re sheltering from the rain, or get caught in an inevitable downpour, maybe imagine the beauty that is ready and waiting to be captured, and if not, make sure you carry an umbrella, but just remember what you’re missing.

Thanks for reading!

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