Spring is here…almost

A rare occurrence in Britain- the sun was actually shining today, and it feels like spring may have finally arrived, so obviously I didn’t need much encouragement to grab my camera and head out into the garden.

Since I was small I’ve always loved pottering around in the garden, planting bulbs and adding colour, and one thing I have on my ‘to do’ list this year is adding a vegetable patch, but making it puppy proof is going to be difficult. In fact, I think it’s going to be near impossible- still I love a challenge. But today, as I ventured out into my garden I could see daffodils and tulips emerging, the first buds on the trees, and colour finally making an appearance.

It’s no surprise that I love capturing the intricate details of plants, so I had my macro lens at hand, ready to capture those hidden details. And after watering the garden, I then noticed a menagerie of droplets on the daffodils, delicately glistening in the sunlight, and I really couldn’t miss the opportunity to capture them. I hope you enjoy.

Daffodil droplet


macro daff

And I’ve said this before, and I’ll say it again, the world just looks better through a macro lens. Happy spring!

Published by annemariehayes

I am a museum employee who has a passion for writing and photography.

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