About me

I have worked in museums across Birmingham for twelve years in a number of different roles and have a keen interest in the arts. Having studied art at school until A level, I always loved expressing myself through drawing, painting and even pottery, but came to photography only recently. My interest started four years ago, initially wanting to photograph my dogs sprinting on the beach during family holidays, but then realised that I actually loved the whole artistic and creative process of taking a photo, and visualising it before I’d even captured it.

My photos and blogs will cover a couple of themes- travel (a lot of New York), macro photography and people. I am passionate about snapping the intricate beauty of things which are often hidden from the human eye, whether this is a flower, food, my dogs, or even a rain droplet. Although, very much a beginner, my desire to further develop my skills is something which drives me forward to capture those hidden, one-off shots.

I’m currently working on a couple of projects which you can see in the Photography Projects menu. If you’re looking for a photographer for an event, then you’ve come to the right place. Please get in touch with me here.

Also, I take photos almost every day on Instagram, so feel free to have a look at my photos below.



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