A Garden for the middle classes: A tour around Blakesley Hall’s garden

Blakesley Hall was once a modern and fashionable middle-class home, located in what was the countryside, covering acres of land. While the Hall was certainly an impressive feature in the landscape, how much do we really know about its gardens? The original owner of Blakesley, Richard Smalbroke, a wealthy middle-class gentleman, would have wanted hisContinue reading “A Garden for the middle classes: A tour around Blakesley Hall’s garden”

What inspired Birmingham’s first Pumpkin Flotilla?

New York during ‘fall’. Think russet-coloured leaves, and pumpkins adorning stoops of brownstones, along beautiful tree-lined streets. My idea of heaven! Many films growing up sparked a love affair with New York, but none more so than Home Alone 2 Lost in New York. Ever since I can remember, autumn and winter have been myContinue reading “What inspired Birmingham’s first Pumpkin Flotilla?”

A Weed Through A Macro Lens

Last week I set myself the challenge of photographing weeds, yes, weeds! I can guess what you’re thinking- weeds are ugly, pointless, perennially-annoying things that we try to rid from our lawns and borders every year! Think again. Believe it or not, weeds are often much more photogenic close-up than a flower, because I find theirContinue reading “A Weed Through A Macro Lens”

The Beauty of Rain Through a Macro lens

Okay, okay, I know we moan about the rain and constantly talk about the weather in Britain, longing for hot summer days to arrive so we can bask in the glorious sunshine, but have you ever stopped for a minute to notice the beauty and intricacy of rain? The structure and fragility of a rainContinue reading “The Beauty of Rain Through a Macro lens”

Spring Through a Macro Lens

It’s April and spring has well and truly arrived, with the browns and fawns of winter finally disappearing, slowing transforming into the lush, rich greens of spring. So what better reason to dig out my macro lens and start snapping. Macro photography is something that has fascinated me for a long time but I only startedContinue reading “Spring Through a Macro Lens”